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Monttra PRO

Counterfeiting is a global phenomenon with direct consequences on the pocket and consumer"s health. Counterfeit products are present in the most varied sectors. From cosmetics to medicines until alcoholic beverages, everything can be copied. Studies show that this parallel market poses a threat to the European economy.

Monttra Pro results from the need to preserve what is authentic. Due to our anti-counterfeiting technology, we can stop fake goods from entering the market.

Monttra PRO. A solução anti-contrafação


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” (Walt Disney)

We are aware of the difficulties that some of the greatest entrepreneurs have gone through. They all started with an idea that they nurtured and shaped. Eidolon wants to make a difference and allow good ideas to grow. When people talk about business they inevitably speak of perseverance. They talk about Steve Jobs, Macintosh invention (in a garage) and a journey full of ups and downs from Apple"s co-founder. At Eidolon, we create the conditions for you to be Jobs successor or just a successful entrepreneur. Take your chance.

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OBT Live

OBT Live - Opportunity Business Tank is a collective investment platform that operates in different business areas with a high profit margin. Interest rates have been falling over the last years. In 2019, the rates of interest on the demand and term deposits were yielding from 0.03 to 0.16 (PORDATA Source). This is an investment in some of the most promising sectors in the market, in a diversified portfolio and brand internationalization.

OBT Live. Opportunity Business Tank
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Donation Distribution Share is adding value. Social responsibility is a vital part of Donation & Distribution Share foundation"s DNA. Created to finance philanthropy projects of VISIONARIA holding company, the foundation wants to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for a more sustainable future. In this respect, we chose four areas of activity: environment, children, food and animals. The goal is to promote equal opportunities and practices to encourage people and planet well-being.

DDS. Charity above all.