Monttra PRO

Anti - Counterfeiting Solution

It is our way of telling partners that we have cutting-edge technological solutions. Infallible. Impenetrable.

Monttra PRO reduces and fights counterfeiting in distribution chains.

We deal with implementation, integration and we will fight every hour to answer questions and make improvements.

'Monttra PRO. Security does matter.

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Integrating platform that helps in decision processes in the crypto world. In a simple, fast and safe way you can acquire all the know-how and savoir faire of a trend and ambience that is already followed and used by more than 2M users.

'Know everything about crypto before the crypto forgets you. Check our site.

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Donation Distribution Share

Our Foundation is based on 3 pillars of inspiration and action: Environmental Impact, Impact on Childhood, Animals and Healthy Nutrition

Donation Distribution Share is based on crypto technology, sponsored by AMZCoin, and it is a way for Visionária to be actively concerned with society.

Donation Distribution Share. Philanthropy above all.

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Amazing History

It is our digital channel of choice. In it, we talk about financial literacy, digital economy, high finance, e-finance, cryptocurrencies, investment, business, trends, risks, what is happening in the world in which we operate.

We also have entertainment content.

Amazing History. We write the history we make.

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OBT Live

Business activation platform via crowdfunding that invests in projects with high and sustained financial potential. It is the community think tank that we want to implement at Visionária, via the exchange of ideas in forums and networks. Here, business happens, whatever the language and the audience.

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Ideation, acceleration and investment center. Here, we hear any elevator pitch and turn it into business the next day.

At Eidolon you can also learn the basics of digital economy and entrepreneurship.

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It is your source of inspiration and knowledge for the latest news and discussions from the crypto world. Through a subscription model, you will acquire fintech expertise like you never imagined, because AllAboutCripto's panel of experts, investors, CFOs and CEOs is ready and prepared to share. Are we talking about bitcoins? Yes, but there is much more, as you can see here. There are no breaks in this financial channel.

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O Rey 77

It is our favorite restaurant, whether we’re in Alenquer or Vila Real de Santo António. Traditional Portuguese dishes, tapas, excellent wine list, ideal mood for family, friends and business.

'O Rey 77 is a new restaurant that is already a point of reference and recommendation in the municipality. Try it and mention us, you’ll be truly welcomed!

O Rey 77. The customer is right indeed, our dishes are the best.

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