AMZ Coin The base of success
Powered by EOS Technology


AMZCoin aligns your euros with your values. The currency will support projects that will undoubtedly revolutionize its areas of activity.

Get to know the projects:

  • Monttra, the Anti-Counterfeiting Solution
  • Collubus, the Exchange Platform: More is less fees
  • Donation Distribution Share, Charity above all
  • Amazing History, the amazing digital influencer
  • OBT Live, It's up to you
  • EIDOLON, From dreams to reality
  • AllAboutCrypto.TV, your Crypto TV Online

AMZ Coin Features

AMZ Coin is powered by EOSIO Technology

  • Cost

    It’s virtually free; EOSIO differs from most blockchain protocols in that it offers a generous and more cost effective model for developers.

  • Speed

    EOSIO gives developers one of the best platforms to build blockchain applications due to the lower period of dormancy/latency.

  • Scalability

    The average speed of 15-20 transactions per second has become the norm for most existing blockchain systems, making them limited in their global usefulness.

Why should I invest in AMZ Coin?

You should invest in AMZCoin because it was launched by a business group that is present in various sectors of products or online and offline services. AMZCoin is the basis of them all, as it is used for payments and receipts in 100% of businesses. For this reason, it is a currency that is extremely cheap and has a very large earning potential. And then you can use it to work with all our businesses.

After purchasing your coins, you still have a mega opportunity to earn bonus coins.

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