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Amazing History 01-Feb-2019

Amazing History is a digital influencer who has available an online content platform on various social networks.

MONTTRA 05-Apr-2019

Creation of the Company
MONTTRA, is a platform of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology.

COLLUBUS 01-Jul-2019

Beginning of Development
Collubus the lowest fees on the market.

OBT Live 15-Aug-2019

Idea Creation and Business Model
Opportunity Business Tank Live is a collective investment platform.

EIDOLON 25-Aug-2019

Idea Creation and Business Development
In this platform the entrepreneur can submit his idea or ongoing business project that needs liquidity.

PRIVATE SALE 01-Nov-2019

10 Million AMZ
Sold on November 2019 at 0.0025€ - It was sold to 50 people 200.000 coins each

PRE-ICO 17-Dec-2019

5 Million AMZ
For every registration, you earn 50 AMZCoins, and for each new affiliate you earn another 50 AMZCoins. 100 AMZ's generated per record, which allows up to 50.000 records. Those left over will be burned.

Donation Distribution Share 20-Dec-2019

Charity above all

ICO Phase 1 07-Jan-2020

10 Million AMZ
Price 0.005€ - Minimum purchase of 100 coins and a maximum of 50.000

ICO Phase 2 17-Jan-2020

25 Million AMZ
Price 0.01€ - Minimum purchase 100 coins and a maximum of 50.000

ICO Phase 3 11-Feb-2020

25 Million AMZ
Price 0.02€ - Minimum purchase 100 coins and a maximum of 50.000

ICO Phase 4 07-Mar-2020

10 Million AMZ
Price 0.04€ - Minimum purchase 100 coins and a maximum of 50.000

Additionally the members of the Visionaria funding group are working towards sustainable growth with greatest visibility to a maximum number of investors and customers.

The AMZ coin brings new EOSIO software technology through the Block.one ecosystem, making it one of the fastest, most scalable and easy to use blockchain foundational platforms in the world.

AMZ Coin aligns your dollars with your values. The currency will support projects that will undoubtedly revolutionize its areas of activity.



Platform Launch
Access to articles and podcast videos related to Crypto World News.