Anti - Counterfeiting Solution

MONTTRA, is a platform of advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, which aims to prevent the entry of brand counterfeited products, in the distribution circuit.



Trading Up - Fees Down

At Collubus you can trade the more popular coins like AMZCoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and more. All of this with the guarantee of the lowest fees on the market.


Donation Distribution Share

Charity above all

Donation Distribution Share's main mission is to look after the human condition through a responsible vision, supporting various projects. For this purpose we have 10,000,000 AMZCoin set aside to apply to charitable causes.

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Amazing History

The Weird And Wacky History Channel

Amazing History is a digital influencer who has available an online content platform on various social networks, with main highlight on Youtube.

The contents produced are related to curiosities, riddles, incredible ideas, entertainment and quotes.

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It's up to you

Opportunity Business Tank Live is a collective investment platform. OBT Live offers projects from various industries with a sustainable and green purpose.

Investors participate in the validation and leverage of the projects of their choice, thereby consolidating assets, ensuring long-term monthly returns.

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From dreams to reality

EIDOLON is a Business Ideas Platform. In this platform the entrepreneur can submit his idea or ongoing business project that needs liquidity.

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Making sense of blockchain and cryptocurrency

This is your Crypto TV Online. Here you can access to articles and podcast videos related with Crypto World News.

Stay tuned, and do not miss any opportunity in the World's Crypto!

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