Why did AMZ Coin appear?

AMZCoin arises to counter a need for VISIONARIA, to facilitate payments and receipts from various businesses and platforms, in which case AMZ is the method that makes it much easier for our business customers to pay and receive funds. As well as we bring technological innovation associated with the creation of currency.

VISIONARIA is a platform that utilises EOSIO software to create and launch AMZcoin, and provide funding assistance for multiple projects, including Charitable and Humanitarian Programmes, Crypto Asset Exchange, Entrepreneurial, Commercial and Marketing Apps, YouTube and Online TV Channels.

The protocol’s democratic end-to-end encryption network model provides user’s security.

Who are we?

The Team

This is a multidisciplinary team with professionals that come from diverse areas.

The different know-how enables a huge range for the project in several management areas, engineering, social media, law, finance, personal development and many others. This allows us to have a strong structure core to redesigned all the projects.